About Me

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I grew up in Maine, at the edge of the Great North
Woods. When those winter nor’easters came howling
down in an icy fury, hibernating with good books
was a kind of survival skill. In summertime, when
the mosquito hordes invaded with a barbarian blood
lust, hiding indoors with more books was the answer.
Sow thousands of hours of reading and you’re likely
to reap a writer.

All this love of stories led me to a degree from Northwestern University’s School of Communication, and years of writing marketing and PR for a professional theatre company in Maine. Along the way I’ve worked in the corporate world, with five years of fast pace and high stakes at Top 20 law firms in New York City. And I spent a few years in the English Department of an Ivy League university, as the faculty assistant to a Pulitzer Prize-winning professor.

I also write fiction and screenplays, and I’m a past winner of the Maine Screenwriting Competition, sponsored by the Maine Film Commission.

I now live in the Boston area, but I’m still in love with Maine and spend a lot of time there.
When I’m not writing, I’m reading, or cooking, or learning something new.

I’d like to learn about your work. CONTACT ME to tell me about it.